Wendy RiggI am a Fashion Director and stylist with extensive experience on the biggest selling women's magazines in the industry.
I am currently Acting Senior Fashion Editor on Good Housekeeping and Prima.

I have many years of experience writing heads, sells, both fashion and general features, as well as style related interviews. I have also organised fashion trips to Miami, Los Angeles, Cape Town, New York and Ibiza.
I have styled numerous front covers, and many celebrities.

I am adept at coming up with original concepts and seeing them through. My expertise lends itself to fashion, beauty and lifestyle editorial, advertising, design, celebrity shoots, personal styling, teaching, film, TV, art directing, press shows and brand consultancy.

I studied Fashion Design and produced my own label which sold to Joseph, Harvey Nichols, and Macy's. My clothes were featured in English Vogue, Italian Vogue, Tatler, I-d and The Observer.


Photographers I have worked with : Steven Simko, Romi Stern, Dan Williams, Alex James, Neil Cooper, Liz McAulay, Daniel Kennedy, Nicky Johnston, Karl Pierard, Hubie Frowein, Simon Clemenger, Stefania Paperelli, Gustavo Papaleo, Oliver Pearce, Nick Cole, Dan Smith, Richard Truscott, Chris Bracewell, Peter Pedonomou, Sir Terence Donovan, Mark Bond, David Venni, Sean McMenomy, Wendy Carrig, Vikki Grant, Howard Daniels, Chloe Mallett, Angela Spain, and Liz Gregg.

All shoots on this website were published in Reveal and Best, and the photographers featured are Steven Simko, Romi Stern, Liz McAulay, Dan Williams, Peter Pedonomou and Alex James.